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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: openejb-deployer config
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 22:02:55 GMT
After a lot of help from David Blevins I think we've figured out a  
reasonable plan.  I've modified the EjbModuleBuilder to construct a  
ConfigurationFactory for each app it deploys and fill in  
ContainerInfos from  all the EjbContainer gbean in scope of the app's  
Configuration.  After some NPE avoidance in ConfigurationFactory and  
a new constructor so we can make sure we use our list of  
ContainerInfos, I can build the MEJB car file.

I've attached a couple more patches to GERONIMO-3481, one that has  
the openejb changes, and one that has the modified EjbModuleBuilder  
and the mejb project Anita has been working on (from GERONIMO-3456)

I think what I have now will work for all non-MDBs.  IIUC what David  
says I have to look for all ResourceAdapters available to the  
application and construct ContainerInfos for their inbound adapters  
and then MDBs might work too.

david jencks

On Sep 20, 2007, at 11:42 PM, David Jencks wrote:

> I took a quick look and I think we might be able to copy the parts  
> of OpenejbSystemGBean that the deployer needs into a gbean in the  
> openejb-deployer module.  I'm not sure what the resource adapter  
> and persistence unit collections are doing.... we may be able to  
> replace them with queries against the app's Configuration, which is  
> basically how the geronimo 1.x deployer found stuff.
> I'll attach what I came up with so far to GERONIMO-3481.  My guess  
> is it might deploy ejbs modules that don't have mdbs or external  
> persistence units.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Sep 20, 2007, at 7:02 PM, Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
>>    I am trying to change the openejb-deployer so that it does not  
>> need
>> to start openejb config. Here is the trace:
>> [INFO]
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> ---
>> [INFO]
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> ---
>> [INFO] Unable to resolve reference "OpenEjbSystem" in gbean
>> org.apache.geronimo.
>> configs/openejb-deployer/2.1-SNAPSHOT/car? 
>> ServiceModule=org.apache.geronimo.conf
>> igs/openejb-deployer/2.1-SNAPSHOT/ 
>> car,j2eeType=ModuleBuilder,name=EJBBuilder
>> to
>> a gbean matching the pattern
>> [?name=OpenEjbSystem#org.apache.geronimo.openejb.Op
>> enEjbSystem]due to: No matches for referencePatterns:
>> [?name=OpenEjbSystem#org.a
>> pache.geronimo.openejb.OpenEjbSystem]
>> Thanks
>> Anita
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