Last night/this morning I tried out DayTrader 1.2 on Geronimo 2.0.1 to make sure everything ran fine. During the effort, I ran into two subtle issues... Anyway, just wanted to pass them along.

1) Geronimo and/or OpenJPA appears to process sun-ejb-jar.xml files. This is a file used by Sun Java App Server 9 to handle resource mappings. I originally added the Sun specific DDs to DayTrader 1.2 for comparison purposes. I had to modify the files slightly to get it to work, but it should still work for both Geronimo and SJAS9. Overall, just wanted to express my surprise that OpenJPA would process this file. Any thoughts?

2) If any type of tracing is done on the OpenJPA components, the KeySequenceBean (in EJB mode) fails to work properly because the tracing performs a toString on the KeyBlock - which in turn spins through all the keys in the block. Consequently, when we attempt to get a key from the block all of them have been used. So... make note... be careful using tracing!!!

I plan to update DayTrader 1.2 with a plan file for Geronimo 2.0.1 and also make some small changes for #1 and possibly add somethign to the ReadMe for #2.


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