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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Splitting up the server into a few more chunks
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 18:20:50 GMT
On Aug 6, 2007, at 9:59 AM, Donald Woods wrote:
> Anything more than 6 to 8 groupings could cause chaos (just like at  
> our current release process which takes weeks to get everything  
> voted and released...)

Yes, it has to be done very carefully, though if you look a Maven,  
Plexus and the related bits, they tend to release smaller groups of  
modules together and for the most part it does work.

> We already have 5 groupings created -
> - devtools (Eclipse, Netbeans, J2G)
> - plugins (non-JEE5 required server add-ons)
> - samples (should contain all samples from current server and the  
> wiki)
> - components (shared/used by other projects)
> - server (current catch-all)
> After cleanup of server to move the samples to /samples and  
> ApacheDS to /plugins, we should consider the more drastic changes,  
> like moving the base Admin Console support (via Pluto 1.2) out to / 
> plugins and start moving the Portlets into the actual modules/ 
> configs that they administer....
> Some other "grouping" that may make sense are -
> - core - renamed /server/modules directory promoted to a top-level  
> grouping and only contains server modules
> - configs - current configs, which can be installed as plugins

One key thing that *must* change IMO, is we need to group code jars  
with config jars (cars), the current split of modules/* configs/* is  
very artificial and doesn't really help make things easy for  
developers to update a specific component with out a lot of cd; mvn;  
junk or custom scripts.


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