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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: New GShell-based Geronimo Server launcher now in server/trunk
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 06:59:02 GMT
On Aug 21, 2007, at 11:40 PM, David Jencks wrote:
> I played around with this a little bit and really like it.

Yay!  Thanks for taking a look David!

> Some things I'd like to see soon:
> - stop the server w/o stopping the shell
> - run app clients
> - run the deployers (including plugin deployer).  esp. for plugins  
> it might be nice to be able to set the repo to look at as an "env  
> var" in gshell  and have partial listings or artifact name  
> completion or something like that.

I plan to make GShell commands for all of the above soon, was just  
waiting for folks to take a look at the start-server bits I added as  
a POC and get feedback before I dive into all the other commands.   
Though you can still run the existing scripts to use those tools, but  
ya I do plan on adding them as GShell commands soon ;-)

> - easy way to debug, setting the port and suspend, perhaps again  
> with 'env vars"

Yup, we can add any flags to 'start-server' which help make life  
easier... probably need to get those bits from the script  
ported over too, 'jpda, start, stop, run, etc'.

You can current do stuff like this in the shell:

 > set debug_flags=foo

And then commands have that context passed in... but so far, except  
for the 'set' and 'unset' commands no commands use that context yet.   
There is also a evil bug in the current parser that freaks out on  
quotes... which I hope to get fixed soon.

> - easy way to set e.g. portOffet.  IIUC you can set them with - 
> Dorg.apache.geronimo.configuration.portOffset=1 but having a way of  
> leaving out the prefix would be handy.... maybe -GportOffset=1

I've added a -G flag... so -Gfoo=bar is the same as -  We can sort out all of the nice short- 
hand flags over time... ;-)  But keep the ideas  coming for sure...  
cause I'm not sure how folks actually use this stuff ;-)

> For some reason I want to be able to type commands into the console  
> where I'm looking at the server console output :-)  This might end  
> up being confusing or unpleasant.... but maybe an escape character  
> could switch to a command mode from "viewing the console output"  
> mode.  Or maybe another way to think of this is to switch back and  
> forth between the server being in the background.

Yup, right now... I think... you can 'start-server --background' and  
it will wait for the server to boot,  then return you to a shell and  
server output will still be put on console, unless you used 'start- 
server --logfile /foo/bar' or something.  But I eventually want to  
get this syntax working for the same thing:

     start-server &

But that requires more parser hacking... so, its a feature planned  
on, but pending someone to help me with the grammar and ast mucko ;-)

> I'm looking forward to this developing more features :-)

Yay!  I'm starting to become more interested in making GShell rule  
the world again too ;-)



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