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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject Re: Splitting up the server into a few more chunks
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 19:43:19 GMT
On Aug 6, 2007, at 12:59 PM, Donald Woods wrote:

> we should consider the more drastic changes, like moving the base  
> Admin Console support (via Pluto 1.2) out to /plugins

I really like that idea for a couple of reasons -
-  it allows us to keep the admin console that's currently at server/ 
trunk/applications/console in place until the new extensible admin  
console is ready and can scale up from minimal to full JEE5  
functionality plus debug views, etc.
-  I like the idea of streamlining server/trunk for JEE5 stuff and  
moving the optional stuff  elsewhere

My only reservation (and its no biggie) is that using the location / 
plugins for optional stuff is misleading since there will be stuff in  
server/trunk that's required for JEE5 (i.e. not optional) but  
implemented as plugins like tomcat, jetty, amq, openejb, etc.     
Calling something a plugin is a statement about its packaging and  
deployment mechanism, and not whether it is required or optional.

So maybe "/opt" or some such would be a better place to put the  
extensible admin console, tuscany (eventually), directory server,  
samples, roller, etc...

> and start moving the Portlets into the actual modules/configs that  
> they administer....

I like this idea from a conceptual point of view since it keeps  
things neat and well organized.  But I am not sure how to implement  
it since the main geronimo components are typically packaged in JARs,  
and the admin portlets for a component have to be packaged in a WAR  
(that's just the way that pluto works).  i.e. a JAR can't contain a WAR.

Some options I can think of:
-  use EAR as the packaging format for all geronimo components and  
package the admin WARs inside them
-  maintain geronimo components and their admin WARs separately. bind  
them at deployment time via the plugin installer's dependency  
resolution or by some enhancement to the maven car plugin
-  package the geronimo components as WARs so the admin portlets can  
be merged with them.  (seems like the tail wagging the dog)
-  follow some organizational structure like in your previous email  
where each geronimo component has a module, config, and (now) WAR  

Just brainstorming here...

Best wishes,

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