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From David Jencks <>
Subject Directory plugin(s) questions
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 01:07:47 GMT
I have plugins for apache directory 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 apparently  
working for geronimo 2.1-SNAPSHOT (trunk).  I also tried one of them  
against the proposed 2.0 binaries and they appeared to work.  I've  
been testing using LDAP Studio (I think version 0.8.0) and can  
connect, view entries, and edit stuff.

There are some little questions left that I'm not quite sure how to  
deal with:

How should we name/version these plugins?  It looks like there are 2  
sets of numbers involved, that from apacheds and that from geronimo.   
I've ignored this so far and called everything 2.0-SNAPSHOT (both  
versions) but this is obviously not satisfactory.  Maybe we should  
use a numbering scheme like in the specs?  directory_1.5.0-2.0 means  
it uses apacheds 1.5.0 and more or less corresponds to the 2.0  
geronimo server?

Do we need a version for apacheds 1.0.x?  I think there have been  
major advances in flexibility in apacheds between 1 and 1.5, but they  
claim 1.5 is a "new features" release not a "really stable" release.   
Personally I'd much rather work on triplesec than another plugin  
version but if there is actual demand and no other takers I'll look  
at a 1.0.x plugin.

How much flexibility do we need to start with?  Right now after (or  
before) you install the plugin you can put your own apacheds  
server.xml file in var/directory/server.xml to configure the server.   
However this doesn't let you change the set of bootstrap schemas or  
such stuff.  I'm inclined to leave such features until we know more  
about how it's used, but if anyone has clear ideas please speak up.

I've already found and fixed some problems in the plugin installer,  
and we'll probably find more.  Right now if you want to run these on  
geronimo 2.0 (which does not have the plugin installer features) you  
need to (after suitably updating your geronimo-plugins.xml, which for  
experimentation you are probably keeping in your ~/.m2/repository)  
you need to install the plugin, which will fail with file copying  
errors, and then copy server.xml out of the installed car file into  
var/directory/server.xml and then start the configuration (such as in  
the console).

I'm not thrilled with how the car-maven-plugin is filling in all the  
dependency versions in the target plan, but that is obviously a  
separate issue for the car-maven-plugin.

david jencks

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