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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject geronimo-boilerplate-jee5 assembly
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:31:10 GMT
Hey folks,

I'm somewhat confused about the geronimo-boilerplate-jee5 assembly. I
always thought that the geronimo-boilerplate-jee5 assembly would
contain all the shared libraries necessary for java ee bits such as
openejb, cxf, axis2, axis, etc. And the geronimo-tomcat-jee5 and
geronimo-jetty-jee5 assemblies would extend the
geronimo-boilerplate-jee5 assembly with Tomcat or Jetty specific bits.
But it doesn't look that way. The geronimo-tomcat-jee5 and
geronimo-jetty-jee5 assemblies do extend the geronimo-boilerplate-jee5
assembly but the geronimo-boilerplate-jee5 assembly doesn't really
contain any of these shared libraries. So for example if I want to add
a new library to be included in the jee assemblies (or to remove a
library), I have to update geronimo-tomcat-jee5 and
geronimo-jetty-jee5 assemblies individually. And I would expect to
update just the geronimo-boilerplate-jee5 assembly.

Is there a reason for the current setup? It seems if we actaully
pushed all the shared libraries into the geronimo-boilerplate-jee5
assembly, building of the tomcat or jetty assemblies would become a
little bit faster.


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