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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject Regarding the recent hibernate problems...
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 00:09:44 GMT
Hey all,

After the recent fiasco involving converting a jboss application that
utilized Hibernate over to Geronimo, Viet Nguyen and I dove into the samples
residing in the Geronimo 1.0 wiki to try and get a hold on the issues that
were at hand, only to find not only inherent issues with getting it to work
as advertised on Geronimo 1.0, but also that it desperately needed updating
in order to be usable as a viable example for migrating an application
utilizing hibernate to Geronimo 2.0.x. Yesterday and into the night we
managed to get a new version of the hibernate Online Brokerage demo app up
and running, as well as documented on the Geronimo 2.0 wiki here:

Now that this has been completed, we are currently working on taking this
the next logical step and getting all of the migration examples that exist
in the Geronimo 1.0 wiki updated and functioning fully as examples for
Geronimo 2.0, as well as verifying that they examples do in fact work on the
latest official JBoss release as well (4.2.3.. blasphemous, I know).

Hopefully this will help to fill what has shown itself to be somewhat of a
large hole in our migration assistance and documentation.

We will use this thread to update everyone on our progress.

Erik B. Craig

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