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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Too easy to kill the server using the web console
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 14:41:24 GMT
GERONIMO-3401 ( ) 
records a problem where it is possible for the user to cripple the web 
console, the server or both with 1 or 2 mouse clicks.

When stopping some system-modules such as the following from the web 
console, the web console itself is also stopped due to direct and 
transitive dependencies:
- activemq-broker
- connector-deployer
- geronimo-gbean-deployer
- j2ee-corba-yoko
- j2ee-deployer
- j2ee-security
- j2ee-server
- j2ee-system
- jasper
- jee-specs
- openejb
- openjpa
- rmi-naming
- server-security-config
- tomcat6
- tomcat6-deployer
- jetty6
- jetty6-deployer
- transaction
- webservices-common
- xmlbeans

The result is an error in the browser, and exception in the server, and 
the web console disabled.  One cheap way to help prevent this problem is 
to add a challenge when any system module is stopped to ensure the user 
is aware that stopping a system module might result in rendering the web 
console unusable.  The situation can be recovered via the CLI by 
subsequently starting the web console but this might not be obvious to 
the user and often a server restart is necessary before the CLI itself 
can function again.

However, there is another problem that is much more serious.  If the 
user selects "uninstall" on any of the modules listed above, in addition 
to the web console being disabled, the server itself is corrupted.  In 
fact, in most cases the server cannot start once it is shutdown.  AFAIK, 
there is no easy recovery from this. There is a challenge already 
provided to he user when uninstall is selected but it doesn't hint at 
the potential severity of the consequences.

I'm thinking we should remove the uninstall capability from the system 
module view in the web console until we have more pluggable components 
that can be installed/uninstalled without crippling the entire server. A 
challenge (even if worded more strongly) just doesn't seem sufficient. 
Of course we have this same exposure with the CLI but it isn't quite as 
easy to shoot yourself in the foot there with just 2 mouse clicks. 


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