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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: removal of spring dependencies from cxf module
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 14:11:29 GMT

Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Aug 25, 2007, at 5:44 PM, Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> From my standpoint, it would be greatly preferred if you could find a way
>> to leave spring for CXF.   There is definitely a lot of functionality
>> that would be lost if spring is not available.  In particular, if a user
>> want to configure various things like message logging or
>> WS-Addressing/WS-RM, https SSL keys, keep-alives and chunking, etc...,
>> without the spring config, it becomes quite a bit harder.   For very
>> basic usage, spring is optional.   But once you want some
>> customizations, you really need it.
> OK. First I've heard of loss of functionality... Is there loss of
> functionality? Or things become harder without Spring? If things become
> harder, an important question is who pays the price? The embedder (i.e.
> us)? Or the user?

I have to agree with Dan on this.  This is clearly our problem.  It's
Geronimo's classloaders that are causing the issue.  We are taking away
functionality at the expense of our inability to handle Spring.

> I have no real issue with our CXF server module requiring Spring.
> I'm less happy if we're requiring that Spring be accessible from a
> client application module to configure CXF web services client
> capabilities.
> I'm way less happy if we require the same Spring instance be accessible
> from the CXF server module and the client application module. This is
> the case, at the moment. I think this needs to be changed.

Why should it be changed?  This seems to work with someone using
Tomcat...just not Geronimo.

>> I suppose one option might be to document how to put spring back in if
>> someone needs it.   We could then add more advanced thing to those docs
>> like where to get the additional jars for WS-RM/WS-A/WS-Security, JMS
>> transports, etc....   Kind of an "Advanced WebServices with CXF" type
>> docs.
> Can you point me to documentation on how a user configures this
> functionality currently?
> --kevan

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