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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Now that we about 2 more...
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 21:41:45 GMT

Kevan Miller wrote:
> So, to be clear -- I certainly didn't mean to imply that *only* you
> could certify these alternate configurations of Geronimo. If anyone with
> TCK access wants to run these tests, then that's fantastic. I don't plan
> on running them. If I see requests from Geronimo users requesting
> certification of these configurations, then I'd probably run them myself.

Well...nobody asked you to run them.  But, your statement is somewhat
offensive...I guess I don't really get the distinction between requests
from "users" and requests from your co-committers...what are the rest of
us, chopped liver?  Aren't we all users? You certainly are setting the
stage for making me want to help you out when you throw out an idea on
the lists or have an issue that needs looking into

I'll be sure to use that ideology the next time you need a favor...great
community spirit! ;-)

At any rate, lets let this go...its going down a slippery slope...this
already has gone off topic and contains overtones of personal issues
that are not even related to the discussion (i.e. someone's having a bad


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