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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Changes to server started messages
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 02:44:56 GMT
So, if we are using virtual hosts, we'll have no way of knowing which host(s) 
an app maps to?  If we have /welcome installed on multiple virtual hosts, will 
we now see it listed multiple times as just /welcome ?


Jeff Genender wrote:
> Yup...
> The old messages made no sense at all...because Web application !=
> connector and therefore its not fair to determine that the web
> applications actually listen on http.  In long discussions with David
> Jencks, we agreed the slapping of http in from of the URL was purely a
> hack and was not correct for complex cases...i.e. the applications you
> listed also are running on https *and* ajp.  In otherwords, the web
> application is independent of the scheme (http) and it shouldn't know
> its own scheme.
> It *is* correct for the web application to know it's identified by the
> context, and thats why you see them listed.
> I hope this made sense.
> Jeff
> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> I noticed that the server started messages have changed. The started Web
>> Applications are now of the following form:
>>   Web Applications:
>>     /
>>     /console
>>     /console-standard
>>     /dojo
>>     /remote-deploy
>> Geronimo Application Server started
>> Where they used to be:
>>   Web Applications:
>>     http://coltrane:8080/
>>     http://coltrane:8080/console
>>     http://coltrane:8080/console-standard
>>     http://coltrane:8080/dojo
>>     http://coltrane:8080/remote-deploy
>> Geronimo Application Server started
>> I'm assuming that this is associated with the recent Connector
>> changes... I preferred the old messages, but I doubt I'll lose very much
>> sleep... Apologies if I missed discussion about this. Even more
>> apologies if the network config on my machine has gone bonkers... ;-)
>> --kevan

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