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From Anita Kulshreshtha <>
Subject Re: JSR77 monitoring subject
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 15:15:09 GMT

--- Viet Nguyen <> wrote:

> Hi Anita,
> I am really happy that you looked at the monitoring stuff. I looked
> into
> your suggestion to use the JSR-77 stuff that you have been working
> on. It
> seems to be a convenient way of pulling data from an abstract object.
> Can
> you give me an update on how much of the stats are in place? 
> noticed that
> you posted a JIRA
> ( with
> the work that you have done and I looked at which JSR-77 stats were
> being
> collected in your WAR.
   The WAR attached to G-1293 is very old. All available Stats can now
be viewed using JMXProvider-->StatisticsProviderMBeans-->stats on the
admin console in tomcat assembly. Jetty had a similar stats before we
switched to Jetty 6.x. We need to add those stats back.

> Also, my real reason for contacting you is to know more about the
> management
> side of things. The scope of what I want our project to be is to not
> only be
> able to fetch JSR-77 statistics and keep a running history of it,
   JSR77 does not dictate this and we are free to use our own
solutions.Just to stretch your imagination see:

> to
> also allow an outside administrator to remotely alter the state of
> the
> server (e.g. change the number of thread pools allowed,
> deploy/undeploy/start/stop components, just to name a few). IIUC
> JSR-77 only
> provides the specs for statistics COLLECTION. Am I right? If I am
> not, then
> I hope you can point me in the right direction of how JSR-77 can help
> me
> accomplish these goals.
    The state Management model covers start/stop of managed objects.
For more info see:
  Please keep the questions coming.. I will try to make my answers less
cryptic :)

> I would appreciate any help and feel free to hop on board :)
> Thanks Anita,
> Viet Nguyen

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