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From "Vamsavardhana Reddy" <>
Subject Dependency resolution for SNAPSHOT versions
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 19:13:05 GMT
I have encountered some unexpected things while trying to install a plug-in
when SNAPSHOT versions are specified as dependencies.  Here are some
1. A query for "foo/bar/1.0-SNAPSHOT/jar" of an artifact from a remote
repository returned result "foo/bar/1.0-beta1/jar".  The plug-in installer
downloaded 1.0-beta1 and installed in server's repository.  Plug-in startup
failed since 1.0-SNAPSHOT is not available in server's repository.
2. A second attempt to install the same plug-in (after uninstalling the one
installed but not started in (1)  above), goes through the same steps for
downloading "foo/bar/1.0-SNAPSHOT/jar" and downloads
"foo/bar/1.0-beta1/jar".  But this time it failed with an error unable to
copy dependency since it is already in the server's repository!! (downloaded

3. A query for "1.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT" version of a tuscany artifact had
resulted in "0.91-incubating".  I do not remember the exact artifactId.

Problem in (2) can be addressed by checking to see if result version is
already in server's repository and avoid downloading it.  It has been fixed
in rev 563782 (branches\2.0) and 563785 (trunk).

Regarding problem in (1), I had a discussion with Paul McMahan on IRC and we
decided that if a query for a version of artifact results in a different
version, then we will indeed copy the downloaded result into server's
repository under query version.  (In our example, though we download
"foo/bar/1.0-beta1/jar", we will copy it as "foo/bar/1.0-SNAPSHOT/jar ".
This way we will avoid  plug-in startup failure.)  Since we copy the
artifact under a SNAPSHOT version, there is no harm as two artifacts named
"foo/bar/1.0-SNAPSHOT/jar" need not compare.  When I discussed this solution
on IRC with Matt, he suggested that it may be better to address this problem
by changing how the dependency resolution works for SNAPSHOT versions
instead of copying the downloaded version of artifact under a different
name.  In other words, changed the dependency resolution such a dependency
on 1.0-SNAPSHOT is resolved to 1.0-SNAPSHOT or any released version of
1.0available in the server's repository.  It may be alright if just
is specified as dependency (which is as good as omitting the version in
dependency, or is it not?)  as opposed to "1.0-SNAPSHOT".  I don't think
this will address the situation in (3).

Any suggestions on how (1) and (3) from above could be handled?


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