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From "Vamsavardhana Reddy" <>
Subject Re: 2.0 release status
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 16:14:07 GMT
This is crude!!  First I ran the build on modules\geronimo-j2ee-builder with
IBMJDK1.5.0 with tests turned off to be able to build the module.  Then I
ran the build (not a clean build) with SunJDK1.5.0 with tests on and the
tests passed!!


On 8/6/07, Vamsavardhana Reddy <> wrote:
> On 8/6/07, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
> >
> > Here's where things stand at the moment
> >
> > Specs
> > We have a vote on 3 spec releases that have been held up by a CDDL
> > licensing issue. After reviewing the issues, I don't think these
> > specs have a problem. They are not built with CDDL licensed
> > materials. We <could> start to rebase our specs on CDDL licensed
> > materials. I think this would make things cleaner. However, I don't
> > think that it is necessary to do that now.
> >
> > Schemas
> > We have an outstanding vote on two schema releases. These releases
> > are built from CDDL licensed materials. At the moment, the license
> > and notice files for the schema releases are not correct. I think we
> > should do the following: move the schema source directories from our
> > tck svn repository to our public repository, fix our license and
> > notice files, and build schema releases from there. Note that both
> > the schema source directories and the resultant schema binaries will
> > have CDDL licensed elements. The current guidance that we have
> > received from legal-discuss is that both source and binary CDDL is ok
> > for us to release. We will need to be sure that our schemas follow
> > all CDDL requirements.
> >
> > TX-Manager and Connector components
> > The recently released 2.0 version of geronimo-connector has a
> > problem. The geronimo-connector-2.0-tests.jar does not contain any
> > classes. So, server builds fail when running tests. Matt has created
> > a 2.0.1 release. We'll need to vote on this new release.
> >
> > 2.0 Release
> > Matt and I have been working on updating branches/2.0.0 in
> > preparation for a release. At the moment, the build is failing
> > because of an xmlbeans version incompatibility. I haven't worked out
> > the cause of this problem, yet. Once we're able to build, we can
> > start testing and get a release vote started. This vote either cover
> > the above specs/schemas/components releases or the vote would be
> > dependent on separate release votes.
> I do not know if this information is of great help and if the module I am
> referring here is the one causing build failure.  I only hope it is useful.
> When I build modules\geronimo-j2ee-builder, I get a build failure with
> XmlBeans compile failed.  If I use IBMJDK1.5.0 it builds fine, but,
> without the tests on.  I remember running into a similar problem attempting
> to build G1.1 or 1.2 (I don't remember exactly) with IBMJDK and that time
> I had to tweak some "exclusion" tags to get past some errors.   This is what
> prompted me to attempt if that module builds fine using IBMJDK.  I have no
> explanation why the module builds fine in branches\2.0.
> --vamsi
> --kevan
> >

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