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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] What next?
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 18:43:36 GMT
On 8/31/07, David Jencks <> wrote:
> Getting 2.0.1 out the door was a great step and now might be a good
> time to start discussing where we want geronimo to head next.  Here
> are some ideas I've had or think are important.  If I were to try to
> write actual sentences about all of this I'd probably never send the
> email so this is way too fragmentary but maybe can spark more
> discussion.  I'm hoping everyone will chime in with their interests
> and viewpoints, this is just what I've been thinking about lately.
> Core
> Better Spring application management
> Investigate OSGI and figure out how it is different from what we are
> doing, what it can do better, and what is missing from it.  Figure
> out an integration strategy whether it be "run OSGI as an
> application" or "replace the kernel with OSGI"  Don't break stuff if
> we start using OSGI more :-)
> Figure out what to do with our "config.ser" in modules/
> configurations.  At least get it into real xml, maybe using something
> like jaxb with schema/gbean.

Great list Dave! I couldn't think of any functionality you left out in
the list that I could throw in. It's great you added OSGi as well.
I've always been thinking of OSGi-like kernel for Geronimo (and
convert Geronimo plugins to be based on the OSGi plugin concept), but
to be honest I'd need a lot of support to get it done (mentor?). I'm
not an OSGi expert, but it seems the issues we're having with
classloading could be easily sorted out with OSGi. I wish I could
afford more time and energy to the project to make an OSGi kernel
done, but am now fully aware of my time incapabilities and with no
other people interested in it I don't think I'll do any real
developments in this area. I could be of some help, but to lead'd be very challenging. I'd also appreciate to hear
Dain's view on how OSGi could affect Geronimo as he's one of the very
few who are not scared to make changes in the kernel as well as I seem
to recall he's been developing xbean-osgi module. Dain?


Jacek Laskowski

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