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From threepointsomething <>
Subject Re: Tomcat connectors
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 18:18:13 GMT

I am quite new to Geronimo, so I am not sure if the steps I followed are
right. Here goes:

I had to ensure that the NIO connector is picked up in place of the basic
HTTP connector, so I made the following change in

&lt;gbean name="TomcatWebConnector"

I then rebuilt config\tomcat6\. When I started Geronimo, it picked up the
NIO connector as expected.

  Listening on Ports:
    1050 CORBA Naming Service
    1099   RMI Naming
    1527   Derby Connector
    2001 OpenEJB ORB Adapter
    4201   OpenEJB Daemon
    6882 OpenEJB ORB Adapter
    8009   Tomcat Connector AJP AJP
    8080   Tomcat Connector HTTP NIO HTTP
    8443   Tomcat Connector HTTPS BIO HTTPS
    9999   JMX Remoting Connector
   61613   ActiveMQ Transport Connector
   61616   ActiveMQ Transport Connector

I then ran a sample comet application (WAR) that was executing properly in
Tomcat and tried it in this instance of Geronimo. Seemed to work fine.

I was wondering if there is a simpler way of configuring NIO without having
to rebuild config\tomcat6. If so can you please suggest how I can do that?


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