As it currently stands, DayTrader 2.0 does not provide what I would consider a viable showcase application for Java EE 5 technology. The JPA mode that was added uses EJB3/JPA based entities; however, the mode still lacks a few key elements...

- EJB 3 based stateless session bean providing the business logic (current impl still uses EJB 2.1 session beans)
- EJB 3 based MDBs for Quote streamer and async order processing
- Improvements to JPA mode to ensure data consistency and improve performance

I have added a new EJB3 runtime mode that exposes the following...
- TradeSLSBBean (new EJB 3 based session bean for business logic)
- DTBroker3MDB (new EJB 3 based MDB for async order processing)
- DTStreamer3MDB (new EJB 3 based MDB for quote streamer)

I have made these updates and plan to commit them shortly, I have left the existing TradeJPA bean as is, in addition to the legacy Direct and EJB 2.1 modes. I have pulled yesterday's build of Geronimo 2.0 and verified that the new EJB3 mode functionally works along with the legacy modes. The next step is load testing, so stay tuned...



"I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let... lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may." - Tyler Durden