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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.0 Release Plans - Release around August 3rd - Just a thought
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 20:15:06 GMT
I think I would like to branch on Monday.  I'll put out a notice.
On Jul 19, 2007, at 10:42 AM, Donald Woods wrote:

> Are we still thinking July 30th to create the branch, or does it  
> need to be done sooner for a August 3rd release target?
> -Donald
> Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>> I saw a note from Gianny this morning about WADI and making a  
>> versioned release.  His comment was that he could make ait  
>> available a few days ahead of time.  So I guess that beg's the  
>> question when will we release.  I thought I'd summarize my  
>> thoughts and solicit input from folks.
>> Since we passed CTS in early June on 2.0-M6-rc1 I think the  
>> remaining items that I've been thinking we needed to release are:
>> * Fit and finish items
>>    - look at reducing footprint
>>    - Running DayTrader and validating the server functioning,  
>> being consistent with 1.x where appropriate and being stable
>>    - Performance is better than 1.x where appropriate
>>    - Get the legal stuff out of the way.
>> * Functional items
>>    - Axis indicated they were almost there with JAXWS and Dims has  
>> been involved in the G integration
>>    - Complete CTS testing
>>    - Testing and documentation
>> On the Axis front I've been watching their dev list and there  
>> seems to be some notion of being complete around July 20  
>> (Friday).  If we assume that is around the right time I expect we  
>> can start a set of TCK runs on the 23rd.  Allow a few weeks to  
>> finish that process and we can put together a binary for vote  
>> around the end of July.  I guess a target release date would be  
>> around August 3rd (nothing hard but it seems about right).
>> Once we have the major kinks knocked out wrt to CTS we should  
>> probably branch (around the 30th ?) and focus on getting our  
>> binaries out.
>> Based on previous e-mails I believe we are shipping the following  
>> certified releases:
>> Tomcat - Axis 2 - OpenJPA
>> Jetty - CXF - OpenJPA
>> Along with the minimal assemblies.
>> Prasad has put together a Wiki so we can track down our  
>> outstanding SNAPSHOTs and start getting them locked down as well.   
>> For projects that won't be releasing I suggest we look for folks  
>> to grab and build those projects and get the artifacts into our  
>> repo in the SVN tree so we minimize external disruptions.
>> Other thoughts?

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