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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Upcoming Genesis release
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2007 13:05:19 GMT

On Jul 28, 2007, at 8:43 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> Just a quick note, we are gonna have to release Genesis 1.2 soonish  
> to support the 2.0 build.  While its not "perfect" (or even close)  
> it does work now and so I'm going to recommend we release it more  
> or less asis.  I did a quick sanity check last week, and now I'm  
> asking if anyone knows of any common m2 pom stuff that needs to be  
> changed?
> Is anyone using that release profile?  While its kinda what we  
> eventually what, what is there now doesn't really work IIRC.   
> Anyone using it?

Hey Jason.
Agreed that we should release. There'll always be room for  
improvement... ;-) I don't know of any pending m2 pom changes.


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