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From David Jencks <>
Subject WARNING of schema changes
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 08:30:05 GMT
I fixed some bugs in trunk and expect to port them back to 2.0  
shortly as soon as I verify it builds and causes no obvious tck  
problems.  However the change is not backwards compatible so I  
thought a warning would be a good idea.


The backwards incompatible change is to use patternType for external- 
rar in the app client plan and external-path in the ear plan.  The  
previous strings will now give validation errors.

The functionality improvement is that I've hooked up an  
ArtifactResolver to the code that processes these, so you can provide  
incomplete patterns and geronimo will try to fill them in.  In  
particular you don't need to specify the version (as long as there's  
only one) so e.g. the same daytrader plan will work for multiple g  
versions after this.

I think but haven't proved that this also is a big help for  
GERONIMO-3140 where IIRC I found that client_artifact_aliases wasn't  
getting used during app client deployment, instead the already  
started module on the "left side" of was getting used.

Anyway when I check things are still fine I will commit to 2.0 and  
update the daytrader plan.  Right now daytrader will work against 2.0  
but not trunk.

david jencks

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