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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Proposed Branch and Release Schedule for Geronimo 2.0
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 03:37:15 GMT

It looks like we're winding down and readying for the 2.0 release  
that is long awaited.  I've been working on something at work for the  
last week that has kept me a little distracted from G so apologies if  
I missed something in  a thread.

There are lots of supporting elements that are being released.  I saw  
Tim got some specs out and I'm working on Genesis and some of the  
Connector / Tx stuff that Jencks did.  Assuming these votes succeed  
and the Law firm of Miller, Miller and Devoto don't find some odd  
file that we need or an extra one we don't it looks like we can spin  
up a 2.0 release for a vote later in the week.

That in mind, I propose that we look to create the branches/2.0.0  
release on thursday.  This will be the final release and will undergo  
the fitting for a release and will not take code changes unless  
fixing a specific bug.  the branches/2.0 will be updated to 2.0.1- 
SNAPSHOT and can continue the infusion of bug fixes, etc.

Please have all your final fixes in branches/2.0 by Thursday morning  
Eastern time so we can branch and lock this monster down.

So, the summary would be:

8/2   Branch branches/2.0 -> branches/2.0.0
8/3   Spin up Geronimo RC 1 and start final TCK run (this will  
include inflight jars that votes expire on Friday).
8/7   Geronimo 2.0 is announced to the world and released
8/7   There is much excitement and rejoicing.

If I missed something please chime in.


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