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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Ideas on a rc.d kind of directory
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 22:16:53 GMT
Maybe a few more thoughts on this...

What I am thinking of is a relatively small JVM which is a process  
controller.  With some basic administration muck built into it to  
start, stop, kill, list, fork, spawn, clone, blah, blah... server  
processes... or if needed any support processes.  IMO that is a bit  
more than what the commons-launcher bits do, though probably whatever  
the start bits do will most certainly end up re-using the ant- 
launcher bits, as that code is already really solid for starting up  
new JVM instances.

The controller process can also serve as a watchdog to make sure  
processes are responsive and restart them if/when they barf, and if  
supported periodically tickle them for basic health information etc.

This is kinda what I had always envisioned for the g-twiddle stuff  
way, way, back.  Gshell gets us much closer to making that actually  
happen, though its still a work in progress, but I think that its put  
together enough to try to implement an example so others might have a  
better idea for the general vision.

Perhaps use of commons-launcher could do as a much shorter-term  
implementation, though I would rather spend my time working on a few  
GShell commands and massage the assembly to make it work, then work  
on trimming down the GShell size, which is already kinda small, but  
could be smaller if I tried.  GShell already has the basic  
underpinnings to handle most of what I'm thinking of, though the  
telnet/ssh stuff is being a PITA right now.  I may drop that for now  
and just implement my own tiny shell client over ssl as a work around  
until I can finally get the ssh support sorted.


On Jul 19, 2007, at 7:28 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> Lets let Jason chime in here as I think he volunteered to stitch a lot
> of this together.
> Jeff
> Donald Woods wrote:
>> Could we use Jakarta commons-launcher, which uses a subset of ANT?
>> We'd probably have to make a few changes, so it would use the  
>> existing
>> manifest settings in the server/client.jar and to handle our multiple
>> server instance directory structure.....
>> -Donald
>> Jeff Genender wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> As we move forward and we integrate with more and more 3rd party
>>> products, we will need the ability to be able to change an  
>>> environment
>>> variable through a plugin, or add a commandline JAVA_OPTS, etc.
>>> Currently our startup scripts call the to set  
>>> environment
>>> properties.  It would really be nice to have the ability to have a
>>> "scripts" directory, where all of the scripts get executed before
>>> Geronimo is launched.  Why do we want this?
>>> As we grow in our plugins, they will need to set environment or java
>>> options set before running G.  They may also have a need to start  
>>> or run
>>> other outside processes  that are not a part of G.
>>> It would be great to allow plugins to install an rc script that gets
>>> executed to do activities before and perhaps after G is run?
>>> I would propose we create a scripts directory under bin or under var
>>> that could be similar to init.d, and have it called with start/stop,
>>> etc.  This way plugins can install specific scripts in these  
>>> directories
>>> for execution.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Jeff

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