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From David Jencks <>
Subject Change in WebModule interface
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 22:00:45 GMT
I've been talking with jgenender on IRC a bit about the former  
getURLFor method in web modules.  This used to be used in the console  
to provide a link to deployed web apps and in the startup to display  
where web apps are and I think in cl deployer to show where you app  
ended up.  Also for remote deploy upload servlet.

We decided that this really makes no sense in any but the simplest  
configurations and in more complicated situations (2 connectors) its  
apt to be wrong and misleading.  So I took out the method.

The console links to apps still work if everything is running on the  
same connector.  The startup shows you the context path, and I think  
the cl deployer will also.  This isn't much less convenient.

You now configure where the remote deploy upload servlet is with a  
Deployer attribute remoteDeployAddress.  By default it's localhost: 
8080 which provides the additional security of not allowing remote  
deploy unless you change it.

Any comments?  Getting the method back will require you to implement  
it sensibly for all the tomcat connectors, something neither jeff nor  
I know how to do :-)

david jencks

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