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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: geronimo plugin schema (longish)
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 03:38:28 GMT
Sounds like a good idea, but does this help or hurt us as far as trying to 
automatically generate the geronimo-plugins.xml after a build?  Seems like 
keeping multiple releases in one XML file is going to become a PITA after a 
couple of releases....

Why not create a separate geronimo-plugins.xml for each major release stream 
(like 2.0/2.0.x and then 2.1/2.1.x)?  Wouldn't that be easier to maintain, 
especially if we reorg the modules/configs in 2.1 for the new pluggable admin 
Portlets and move unnecessary code out into optional plugins....


Paul McMahan wrote:
> I've been thinking about some changes to the geronimo-plugin schema to 
> make plugin catalogs less verbose and easier to maintain across versions 
> of Geronimo.  The problem with the current schema is that some of the 
> plugin metadata that is sensitive to the geronimo version is grouped in 
> <geronimo-versions> elements, but some is not.
> Plugins are often sensitive to the geronimo version they were developed 
> under since they typically rely on lots of container services.   Besides 
> that, in general plugins only work in the version of geronimo they were 
> exported from (or car plugin version).  So this schema limitation makes 
> it difficult to create one catalog that supports several versions of 
> geronimo without having a lot of redundant plugin entries.  Right now we 
> maintain separate catalogs at for 
> each version of geronimo because of this limitation.
> I attached a proposed schema here :
> Using that new schema a plugin entry would look something like:
>     <plugin>
>             <name/>
>             <category/>
>             <description/>
>             <url/>
>             <author/>
>             <license/>
>             <plugin-module>
>                 <module-id/>
>                 <hash/>
>                 <geronimo-version/>
>                 <jvm-version-version/>
>                 <prerequisite>
>                         <id/>
>                         <resource-type/>
>                         <description/>
>                 </prerequisite>
>                 <dependency/>
>                 <obsoletes/>
>                 <source-repository/>
>             </plugin-module>
>             <plugin-module>
>                  ...
>             </plugin-module>
>     </plugin>
> Note that the metadata that is sensitive to the geronimo version is 
> encapsulated in a <plugin-module> element.  And a single <plugin> can 
> several <plugin-module> elements (e.g. one for each version of geronimo 
> it supports).
> While making this schema change two other things I was considering is 
> factoring the plugin code out of geronimo-system into a separate config 
> and using JAXB to handle the XML processing instead of the sax code it 
> currently uses.    Feedback is welcome.
> Best wishes,
> Paul

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