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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Ideas on a rc.d kind of directory
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 00:11:32 GMT

David Jencks wrote:
> On Jul 13, 2007, at 7:04 PM, Jeff Genender wrote:
>> I would propose we create a scripts directory under bin or under var
>> that could be similar to init.d, and have it called with start/stop,
>> etc.  This way plugins can install specific scripts in these directories
>> for execution.
>> Thoughts?
> How cross platform can we make this?
> I'm not sure I know what kinds of things you expect this to be used for,
> so if you can provide some more concrete examples I'd appreciate it. 
> I'm wondering if this is the kind of stuff that we've been taking care
> of so far with e.g. the SystemPropertiesGbean and
> DirectoryInitializationGBean.

Sure...I'll give you an example and unfortunately the
SystemPropertiesGbean and DirectoryInitializationGBean won't work...

Terracotta is a great example.  They need to set a Java option that sets
the boot classpath (-Xbootclasspath)  Its something that has to be a
part of the command line in order for the JVM to correctly have its base
objects instrumented.

It would be cool to have their plugin drop a script in a directory that
gets picked up when running the app server.  This is much better than
having it edit our own scripts directly.  Hence, if the plugin gets
uninstalled, the script is removed and everything is back to the way it was.

As for cross platform, I think its up to the plugin developer who needs
this capability.  Right now we support bat and sh scripts...which I
think is enough for us, so this seems like its reasonable to me.  I
think this is a detail that can easily be handled.  But from a Geronimo
perspective, we don't care because its our scripts that are firing the
subscripts.  The impl is left up to the plugin/script developer...let
just recommend they offer a sh and bat script.

> thanks
> david jencks
>> Jeff

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