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From "Manu George" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo-Tuscany integration(Sending to both lists)
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 21:43:25 GMT
Hi Jacek,

Comments inline

On 7/5/07, Jacek Laskowski <> wrote:
> On 7/4/07, Manu George <> wrote:
> > Yes you are right. But if you see the Tuscany samples it supports SCA
> > modules that don't have sca-contribution.xml and just a .composite
> > file. So I was on two minds here whether to mandate
> > sca-contribution.xml or not.
> Hi Manu,
> Let's see what's in the spec - (1.10.2 Contributions page 64):
> A document should exist directly under the META-INF directory named sca-
> contribution.xml which lists the SCA Composites within the
> contribution that are runnable.
> So, it's a recommendation only. I guess Tuscany looks for the file and
> if it's found it makes composities available at runtime.
> I'd like to find out what's the rules to discover composities in
> Tuscany are. How does it search for composite file (only in the
> top-level directory or jar file?).

Yes only in top level jar file. In case of directory contributions ,
in all the nested directories.
and i think it doesn't search inside any jar in the directory(not 100%
sure here). Just need to check the FolderContributionProcessor class
in tuscany for this info. For jar files there is a

> > Ultimately we should be able to have selected JEE artifacts exposed in
> > the SCADomain as composites so that there can be reuse of the
> > exisiting JEE components in SCA and SCA components should be usable in
> > JEE.
> That's the idea. Run Tuscany and install Geronimo services as
> composities that export services or if it's possible map Geronimo
> services to SCA services directly with no need to wrap'em as
> composities.
> > (a) enable deployment of tuscany artifacts in geronimo.
> > (b) Enable usage of tuscany related annotations like @Reference in web
> > components like    servlets filters etc and expose the war as a
> > composite to the SCADomain so that SCA can do the wiring of these
> > references to other SCA services. Thus u can have DI of SCA services
> > in the web components and u can access them in jsps as well.
> >
> > (c) Enable EJB modules and Enterprise applications to expose their
> > functionality as SCA services and also consume other SCA Services
> > deployed in the Tuscany runtimes.
> >
> > (d) There is no concept of applications in SCA. So there could be
> > multiple applications that expose their services to one domain and
> > another set of applications that expose theirs to another domain.
> > (atleast thats my understanding as of now)
> >
> > (e) Tuscany services can have different scopes like session etc. We
> > may need to map these scopes with the scopes of JEE artifacts when
> > they are exposed.
> It looks as a good approach to Tuscany-Geronimo integration.

Glad you approve. It will evolve as we progress through the integration I guess.

> > P.S.  I am putting the tuscany dev list in cc, so that they can also
> > participate in this discussion.
> I think it should only go to Tuscany as there's lots of SCA info and
> eventually send summary reports here once per week or so.
> Jacek
> --
> Jacek Laskowski


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