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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo-Tuscany integration(Sending to both lists)
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 11:07:38 GMT
On 7/3/07, Manu George <> wrote:

> (a) I develop SCA components, assemble them in a composite, package them
>      in an SCA contribution. I don't really know what a WAR or an EAR is, I'm
>      just using the SCA programming model and packaging model. I deploy my
>      SCA contribution to Geronimo and run it there.
> This will require a tuscany specific deployer that is installed as
> part of the plugin. Ususally deployers have access to a server
> specific deployment plan at some fixed path say
> (META-INF/geronimo-tuscany.xml). If this file is found then the
> deployer will know that the module that was supplied to it is a
> tuscany module. In case I am deploying a tuscany contribution using
> the sca packaging model then there will be a .composite file somewhere
> in the module and the deployer will have to search in the module for
> scdl files.  For now the tuscany  contributions will always be
> packaged as jars.

I've been reading the SCA Assembly Model 1.0 spec and according to it
(1.10.2 Contributions - page 63):

SCA expects certain characteristics of any packaging:

* A directory resource should exist at the root of the hierarchy named META-INF
* A document should exist directly under the META-INF directory named sca-
contribution.xml which lists the SCA Composites within the
contribution that are runnable.

So it's pretty clear that Geronimo should recognize SCA modules only
when the META-INF/sca-contribution.xml file exists, pass it to Tuscany
and...that leads to my next question below.

I can't understand what the value of such a simple integration
described in (a) would be. What would be the value of deploying
composities with no access to runtime environment other than Tuscany
itself? You can very easily do that with packaging sca modules as part
of war file with Tuscany listener attached.


Jacek Laskowski

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