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From Bill James <>
Subject Re: Fixing javamail (again)
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2007 21:04:37 GMT

Something that worked for me:

I have a Liferay war, 4.3.1-trunk,  running inside Geronimo-Tomcat 1.1.1. In
order to get the smtp mailer working, it was necessary to add the following
dependency to geronimo-web.xml:


The following bug report was key to getting things working: 

based on debug diags I was evaluating that showed:

   "Unable to locate provider for protocol: smtp"

when invoking session instance of:


The war declares a gbean in geronimo-web.xml as:

	<gbean name="LiferayMailSession"
		<attribute name="transportProtocol">smtp</attribute>
		<attribute name="host">my-mail-server</attribute>
with the following dependencies:


and referenced in web.xml as:


- bvj

Christopher M. Cardona wrote:
> I would like to do the same change for trunk. Anybody got 
> issues/concerns/objections to this?
There's an open JIRA for doing this that's marked as a "wish item".

I'd say go for it.


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