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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.0 Release Plans - Release around August 3rd - Just a thought
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:16:32 GMT
I saw a note from Gianny this morning about WADI and making a  
versioned release.  His comment was that he could make ait available  
a few days ahead of time.  So I guess that beg's the question when  
will we release.  I thought I'd summarize my thoughts and solicit  
input from folks.

Since we passed CTS in early June on 2.0-M6-rc1 I think the remaining  
items that I've been thinking we needed to release are:

* Fit and finish items
    - look at reducing footprint
    - Running DayTrader and validating the server functioning, being  
consistent with 1.x where appropriate and being stable
    - Performance is better than 1.x where appropriate
    - Get the legal stuff out of the way.

* Functional items
    - Axis indicated they were almost there with JAXWS and Dims has  
been involved in the G integration
    - Complete CTS testing
    - Testing and documentation

On the Axis front I've been watching their dev list and there seems  
to be some notion of being complete around July 20 (Friday).  If we  
assume that is around the right time I expect we can start a set of  
TCK runs on the 23rd.  Allow a few weeks to finish that process and  
we can put together a binary for vote around the end of July.  I  
guess a target release date would be around August 3rd (nothing hard  
but it seems about right).

Once we have the major kinks knocked out wrt to CTS we should  
probably branch (around the 30th ?) and focus on getting our binaries  

Based on previous e-mails I believe we are shipping the following  
certified releases:

Tomcat - Axis 2 - OpenJPA
Jetty - CXF - OpenJPA

Along with the minimal assemblies.

Prasad has put together a Wiki so we can track down our outstanding  
SNAPSHOTs and start getting them locked down as well.  For projects  
that won't be releasing I suggest we look for folks to grab and build  
those projects and get the artifacts into our repo in the SVN tree so  
we minimize external disruptions.

Other thoughts?

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