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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Ideas on a rc.d kind of directory
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:17:26 GMT

I believe it is a great idea to have a kind of hook directory  
defining scripts to be executed at specific stages.

It seems to me that the current .bat or .sh scripts will become  
harder and harder to implement, maintain and *test* - AFAIK, there  
are no tests. It seems to me that a move to a cross-platform  
scripting language a la Groovy would give us a better mileage. As a  
matter of fact, the Grails project has defined a very nice way to  
integrate hook scripts provided by plugins into the runtime  
configuration of a grails app - see 
+Configuration+Plugins for more details.

What do you think about porting .bat and .sh scripts to groovy scripts?


On 14/07/2007, at 9:04 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> Hi,
> As we move forward and we integrate with more and more 3rd party
> products, we will need the ability to be able to change an environment
> variable through a plugin, or add a commandline JAVA_OPTS, etc.
> Currently our startup scripts call the to set  
> environment
> properties.  It would really be nice to have the ability to have a
> "scripts" directory, where all of the scripts get executed before
> Geronimo is launched.  Why do we want this?
> As we grow in our plugins, they will need to set environment or java
> options set before running G.  They may also have a need to start  
> or run
> other outside processes  that are not a part of G.
> It would be great to allow plugins to install an rc script that gets
> executed to do activities before and perhaps after G is run?
> I would propose we create a scripts directory under bin or under var
> that could be similar to init.d, and have it called with start/stop,
> etc.  This way plugins can install specific scripts in these  
> directories
> for execution.
> Thoughts?
> Jeff

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