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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: J2G Conversion tool got a makeover. Now what?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 20:56:56 GMT
Having a j2g migration target runtime wouldn't really be the right  
thing to do.  A target runtime is basically a Eclipse ClassPath  
Container that gets added to your project that defines your project's  
JRE as well as the set of runtime jars that are needed to compile  
your application for a particular j2ee server.  The idea was when  
this is swapped, for you to use a wtp data model operation to add pre  
and/or post operations to extend the operation that applies or  
changes a target runtime for a project.  I'm not sure why they  
introduced allowing multiple target runtimes it very well could be a  

Since this takes a little more digging and understanding into WTP  
api's and extension points Id start with the basics.

Create a context menu action that operates on an IProject (you can  
later filter it based on if its a J2EE project and what its current  
target runtime is) but for now, just enable if for all IProjects.   
Then as I suggested earlier, run through the project resources to  
invoke the necessary operations on each resource.   You should be  
able to do this with the base eclipse platfrom API's, and I think J2G  
is using stuff from JDT.

In the long run this really needs to be done completely through WTP  
API's, otherwise its behavior of it will be really ugly :), and it  
won't have the seamless integration into the product we are looking for.



On Jun 27, 2007, at 12:22 PM, Erik B. Craig wrote:

> Sachin,
> I've been digging into documentation on WTP and Eclipse plug-ins in  
> general over the last few days, and I am wondering what  
> specifically you have in mind with this approach. Based on what you  
> have said, the best solution I've been able to think of is perhaps  
> adding an additional 'target runtime' to be selected from the list  
> that would be called something like 'j2g migration', at which point  
> the user would be prompted for a path to an existing geronimo  
> server, and after clicking 'next', it would (correct me if it can  
> even DO this) execute the 1st piece of j2g in a terminal (or maybe  
> behind the scenes?), displaying the output, a next again would do  
> the same for the second piece, a third next would do the same for  
> the final piece.
> Other than this, which I'm not entirely sure of the feasibility of  
> it at this point, I don't know that trying to have it auto detect a  
> changeover or something would necessarily work, because of the fact  
> that you can have multiple target runtimes selected.
> The other (perhaps simpler) idea for a UI integration I came up  
> with doesn't necessarily involve any WTP pieces, as it would be to  
> simply have a window or menu available that would have buttons/ 
> options to run the three components and show the output from them.
> What are your thoughts?
> Thanks
> -Erik
> On 6/15/07, Sachin Patel <> wrote: At this time  
> as its currently implemented, I don't think it would
> make a good inside the UI.  The context you're working in the IDE is
> a "project" under development and J2G currently doesn't operate under
> this context.  There would be no real advantage to allow it to be
> invoked in the UI since it can't be operated on projects in the
> workspace.
> If any integration into the UI then the proper approach and it would
> be fairly trivial is to go ahead with WTP integration...
> All J2EE projects in WTP have a notion of a target runtime.  Every
> application is required to have its target runtime set (JBoss,
> WebSphere, Geronimo, etc..).  At any point in time you can retarget
> an applications runtime to a different one.  So if an application's
> runtime is set to JBoss, you can currently swap it over to Geronimo.
> This operation can be extended to perform any other tasks.  In our
> case, we would simply process the projects and traverse through the
> content running any migrations necessary.
> I don't think this would be too hard to do.  Its just picking out the
> core peices currently inside J2G that actually do the migration on
> particular resources and wrapping those in 1 or more WTP operations.
> If this approach was taken I would be +1 to integrating this within
> the Eclipse Plugin.
> hope that helps.
> -sachin
> On Jun 14, 2007, at 5:54 PM, Jason Warner wrote:
> > Paul,
> >
> > Thanks for the feedback!
> >
> > In regards to integration with the eclipse plugin, I don't believe
> > that would be an easy task to accomplish.  From my understanding,
> > the eclipse-plugin runs on top of WTP whereas the J2G tool is a
> > headless plugin.  I believe the J2G tool would need to be rewritten
> > using WTP to allow for integration.
> >
> > As for a button or other GUI way of launching the tool, I think
> > that's a great idea.  I'm still rather new to working with eclipse
> > plugins, though, so I'm not quite sure how that could be done.  The
> > tool is launched using a series of scripts, so perhaps a button
> > that can launch these scripts would be feasible.  Anyone know of a
> > better way?
> >
> > Jason Warner
> >
> >
> > On 6/14/07, Paul McMahan <> wrote: Fantastic
> > work, thanks for your contributions!
> >
> > After all this testing and improvement we could consider moving J2G
> > from sandbox to a more stable location where it can be properly
> > released and maintained.  If our dev community expresses interest in
> > doing that then maybe the devtools subproject is a good place for
> > it.   Asking for feedback on the users list would help us know  
> how to
> > proceed as well.
> >
> > Thinking from the user's perspective, I wonder if J2G can be
> > integrated with our eclipse plugin somehow?  For example could our
> > eclipse plugin wrapper the J2G functionality in a wizard, button, or
> > context menu item?  Perhaps something simple for starters, just some
> > way launch the tool from inside the IDE.  Since J2G is itself
> > implemented as an eclipse plugin it would seem strange to provide no
> > UI controls for it or integration point with our current eclipse
> > plugin.
> >
> >
> > Best wishes,
> > Paul
> >
> > On Jun 14, 2007, at 2:26 PM, Jason Warner wrote:
> >
> > > Some of you may have noticed the recent activity on the devlist in
> > > regards to the J2G conversion tool.  Erik Craig and I have been
> > > making significant improvements in the functionality and usability
> > > of this tool.  Some of these changes include adding new
> > > documentation on the wiki, fixing scripts to provide more
> > > functionality, ensuring unix functionality, and general debugging
> > > for both the code and the unit tests.  Now that these changes have
> > > been made, it might be appropriate to have another look at the  
> tool
> > > and see if it is ready to be moved out of sandbox and into
> > > devtools.  Any and all comments are welcome.
> > >
> > > For those interested, here's a link to the documentation http://
> > >
> >
> >

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