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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Improving Clustering Support
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2007 02:05:09 GMT

I would like to start a thread on clustering support to understand  
how people would like to see working specific clustering services.

1. Configuration of a cluster
In my mind, we need to have an administration server, which has an  
holistic view of all the cluster members and is able to execute  
operations against them. At least, this administration server knows  
about this information:
* name of the nodes;
* how to contact them: e.g. the URI of their DeploymentManager;
* name of the clusters: I think that more than one cluster can be  
configured for a given set of nodes; so, there would be multiple  
cluster names;
* names of the nodes part of a given cluster.

2. Deployment to a cluster
JSR77 indicates that a Target may be a cluster of servers. The  
administration server, based on its holistic view of clusters and  
nodes, could implement a DeploymentManager, which adds clustering  
support to our current JSR77 implementation. For instance, our  
current Target names could be suffixed with node name or cluster  
name. Also, this DeploymentManager could coordinate deployment  
activities across multiple servers.

3. Management of clustered application
This is also covered by JSR77 and the above DeploymentManager can  
also do that.

Are other people interested to work on that? Or is there a better  


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