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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Yo yo... Xvfb, selenium blah
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 22:52:33 GMT
So, I hacked up something in the latest 1.0-beta-2-SNAPSHOT of the  
selenium-maven-plugin.  Its deployed, and some site docs updated. 

Still needs more meat, but I wanna make sure it works before I start  
investing in more docs.

But basically, you need to configure an execution *before* start- 
server, for xvfb.  It will be default background, etc.  See the goal  
doc for more details:

Currently it will default to using DISPLAY=":1", not sure if that is  
correct or not.  Then it will fork an Xvfb process, write out a  
target/selenium/ file, which has the DISPLAY= in  
it.  And I updated the start-server goal to look for that file, and  
if it exists set environment variables for each key/pair in that file.

I think that should be sufficient to get headless muck working...  
though I've not tested any of it ;-)

I think you will need to make the Xvfb process suid, as in:

     chmod u+s `which Xvfb`

This puppy needs to be run as root, or at least AFAIK it does.

Anyways, give it a shot and lemme know how well it works, or if it  
works at all.  I will be around tomorrow to fix it up as needed.   
Maybe my network will be stable then so I can run some tests on the systems and better see how well it works out.




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