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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] 2.0 Release Criteria
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 23:19:20 GMT
On 22/06/2007, at 2:34 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> We've gone through the CTS grind and came out victorious http:// 
> OpenEJB has moved to TopLevel and CXF has certified and Axis 2 is  
> working that way too.
> All in all its been an excellent six months.
> So, what are we going to do for 2.0 and getting it out the door?
> Here are my thoughts and we can use this thread to gather everyone  
> else's and come to a consensus.
> 2.0 Ship Criteria
> Date:  mid to end of July (a target only...depends on content)
> Certified Assemblies
> Tomcat, Axis 2 and OpenJPA
> Jetty, CXF and OpenJPA
> Other assemblies would be the minimal assemblies but cert doesn't  
> apply to them.
> Work on fit and finish stuff (cleaning up error messages, improving  
> diagnostics, reducing footprint).
> Personally, I'd like to see the full G have a footprint of about  
> 40MB (that's a little over 5MB larger than 1.1.1) and Minimal be  
> around 20MB.  Need to do some research on this (volunteers?)
> I'm not sure how the WADI clustering presents itself across the two  
> different assemblies (Gianny, comments?)

Sorry for this late reply. I would like to enable the WADI admin  
console for 2.0. I have some local changes that I will commit after  
having sorted out a problem with a cxf JAR. In a few words, I cannot  
start the admin console within Geronimo due to an  
IllegalArgumentException: "Class   
[org.apache.cxf.clustering.spring.NamespaceHandler] does not  
implement the NamespaceHandler interface". The console works fine in  
standalone Jetty, which is the out-of-the-box servlet container of  
grails (Groovy on Rails, which is the framework of the admin console).

Unfortunately, I will not be able to complete field level and method  
level state replication. However, nothing will have to be done within  
Geronimo except adding the aspectj javaagent to benefit from load- 
time-weaving of aspects used to track POJO instantiation and  
modification. On this point, if people are interested to give me a  
hand, then please feel free to ask and I will check in the new wadi- 
aop module.


> Post 2.0 Items
> What to do about OSGi?  Seems like there has been discussion but no  
> real movement in this area.
> Flexible Server (there has been some discussion on the list about  
> allowing users without a PhD in G to create their own custom  
> assemblies.
> Would be neat to Create a minimal assemblie that included  
> ServiceMix for a lightweight ESB endpoint
> Better monitoring and diagnosis
> Thoughts?

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