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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject Re: How do we build Geronimo?
Date Sun, 06 May 2007 18:48:31 GMT
Having that information at hand would have helped avoid problems like  
we saw last week.  I also have a hunch that the accuracy and  
usefulness of that information would expire pretty quickly since both  
build environments are always changing and improving.

To help prevent TCK problems in the future I think we should do two  
things.  First, since TCK is such an important part of our project I  
think that all active geronimo committers should seriously consider  
signing the NDA and participate as much as possible in the efforts  
and communication around TCK.  Secondly , the people working on TCK  
should be more watchful over what is going on in the general dev  
community and more clear about times when non-critical changes should  
be kept to a minimum.  I feel personally convicted about the latter  
since I could have done a much better job following the discussions  
on dev and trying out patches in the TCK env.

Best wishes,

On May 6, 2007, at 4:22 AM, Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:

> Hi All,
>   We all have our own favorite way of building Geronimo. But how TCK
> builds Geronimo affects us all. It would benefit us all to know how  
> the
> incremental changes are built in TCK. It is reasonable to assume that
> for every minor change TCK does/can not build from an empty .m2  
> repo. I
> am hoping that we can discuss answers to the folloing questions here
> without disclosing anything covered under NDA.
> 1. What steps are followed when geronimo-kernel or the jars in the lib
> are modified?
> 2. What steps are followed when a plugin is modified?
> 3. What steps are followed when ge-activemq-ra.rar module is modified?
> 4. Do we use mvn ( as opposed to mvn clean install) for assemblies?
> 5. Do we depend on 'mvn clean' to delete the target directory when
> building assemblies?
> 6. Do we use a server image generated by an online build that did not
> start with a clean .m2 repo?
> 7. What steps are taken to ensure that the build does not download any
> published (stale) geronimo SNAPSHOTs during an online build?
>    The way our build works, all changes (patches) are not created
> equal. Some of them might need build instructions like build with  
> empty
> repo, build with empty geronimo repo, clean assemblies, ensure local
> geronimo artifacts etc.. I am hoping we can establish TCK build
> guidelines for integrating various kinds of changes.
>   We could also categorize patches using 'degree of build'  
> required. It
> would allow people working on TCK to ban certain kinds of changes
> officially. For example they could say we are in ... phase and only
> accepting changes below .... category. WDYT?
> Thanks
> Anita
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