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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: GERONIMO-348 patch and issues with ejb deployments
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 14:13:25 GMT
Which changed file is throwing the exception?

We can turn the throw() into a log.warn() for now, until this EJB case is 


Jarek Gawor wrote:
> Recently the GERONIMO-348 patch was committed. That is causing
> problems with EJB deployments. Here's an example.
> ejb-xml.jar has 2 ejbs, and one of the ejbs has a service-ref entry:
> <enterprise-beans>
> <session>
>     <service-ref></service-ref>
> </session>
> <session>
> </session>
> </enterprise-beans>
> The G plan has corresponding entries for the beans and one service-ref
> overwrite.
> Now, during deployment and in case of ejbs the
> moduleBuilder.buildNaming() function is called once per each bean. The
> specDD parameter will point only the given bean's xml data but the
> planDD parameter will always point to the entire G plan. That means
> when buildNaming() is called for the second bean and even though it
> has no service-refs, one service-ref overwrite will be discovered in
> the G plan. And with the GERONIMO-348 patch the deployment will fail.
> So it seems like the ejb deployment processing needs to change to pass
> only the relevant parts of the particular ejb as the planDD. I'm just
> not sure if there is any code that relies on having the entire G plan
> around...
> Jarek

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