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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Naming the servers
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 17:07:13 GMT

On May 7, 2007, at 5:10 AM, Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:

> --- Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>> This sounds reasnaonable and it would make life easier with  a
>> README.txt in ./instances to help people get going.  Also, leaving
>> the default geronimo single server in $G/var makes sense as priori
>> users won't have to search where things are.
>    I am glad that the supporters of 'var' have spoken up. During this
> discussion 5 people preferred to keep the 'var' directory as is. So  
> the
> default instance shall remain nameless..  Assuming that we are  
> going to
> have a template/var, there is good news for the other 2 choices.

My apologies if I've lost track of some of the discussion about  
this.  I don't fully understand who is supposed to use this and for  
what.  My impression is that the purpose of this feature is to make  
it easy to have lots of copies of identical servers, sharing some  
part of a geronimo installation.  I then ask myself, "what server  
will anyone want to copy?".  Well, IMO if its the one we ship we've  
done something wrong with explaining how to use geronimo.  Here's my  
thinking.  We ship with a (close to) toy database and definitely toy  
security.  This is AFAICT a feature for large advanced production  
sites that are going to need a real db and real security (and  
presumably lots of other customized stuff).  So the way I think of  
this being used is

-- set up a prototype server with production db, real security,  
configured logging, and the exact modules you want running
-- construct a template server from the prototype
-- clone it as needed.

My impression is that you've implemented step 3.  This is definitely  
a really valuable and important function that we absolutely need, but  
I'm not convinced that it should be in our base server and especially  
without the other steps.  I'm afraid it will make the basic server  
more complicated and confusing without adding a lot of value.

So, there's a good chance I've missed something.... someone please  
point out what :-)

david jencks

> Here
> are some important points about customization:
> 1. template 'var' dir can be put anywhere, it is not used by the
> server. It is there just for making copies. One could put it in:
> instances/template. Thus we will have -
> instances/template/var
> instances/README.txt
> 2. The original default instance, i.e. 'var' can be deleted!!! An
> instance with default ports can be put under instances/default. If
> people do not like a nameless default instance, they can create one
> with a name like 'servers/...' In other word this feature can be used
> for naming the default instance. Please try this out and report any
> problems.
>    If every one agrees, I would like to commit instances/template/var
> part [1]. It is a useful cosmetic change. Please do reply to this
> thread if you need more time to think about this.
> Thanks
> Anita
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