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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: A session I presented at ApacheCon on J2EE App development using Eclipse
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 20:41:23 GMT
The update manager needs to remain the official means of  
installation.  The zip distributions are available and we'll continue  
to make them available, but this should not be and will not be as a  
documented installation method.  The don't see your server link  
automatically chooses a default mirror location, so the cause of your  
slow downloads is most likely due to the mirror not being the ideal  
server for your location.  Thus you can always use the update manager  
directly as the website suggests so that you can select a mirror of  
your choosing.  A zip distribution provides, no validation, no  
dependency checking, no install location preference, and does not  
automatically refresh the plugin cache when extracted, so a restart  
will not load the plugins if previous versions of the plugin  
existed.  Thus it should remain only a alternate install mechanism  
that only individuals familiar with eclipse should use.


On May 11, 2007, at 4:09 PM, Shiva Kumar H R wrote:

> I suspect your network connectivity is too good :-)
> Here is an experiment I tried:
> Connected from Home with a Mobile Internet Connectivity of 230Kbps  
> ( :-( that's the best Home connectivity I can get in my place) and  
> tried downloading Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in by clicking on "Don't  
> see your server listed" link. After about 25mins and 7.1MB of  
> download volume Plug-in installation failed with a Network  
> Connection Error. When I tried again (thank God, download restarted  
> from where it last failed) it took another 25mins for an additional  
> download volume of 7.8 MB with 3 restarts!
> After this I tried downloading a zip of eclipse plug-in (http:// 
> ) using a download  
> accelerator. This time it took 50mins for 17MB of download volume  
> to complete and there were no download errors.
> In addition being able to download a zip allows me to backup a copy  
> of the setup for later use, which wouldn't be trivial if I use  
> automatic download by IDE.
> We probably can recommend users to install via Eclipse update site,  
> yet make available a zip of eclipse plug-in for direct download.  
> What do you say?
> We probably can also work to reduce the size of Geronimo Eclipse  
> Plug-in.
> - Shiva
> On 5/10/07, Lin Sun <> wrote:
> Just one comment here...  When I last tried to download the geronimo
> eclipse plugin, it was not slow at all.  I don't really see much
> difference of using the eclipse update manager vs. go to the site to
> download the zip file.   I think the preferred way is to use the  
> eclipse
> update site as it can install/update the feature and its dependencies
> automatically on the fly.
> Lin
> Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
> > A few observations I made as a User of Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in:
> > 1) Downloading Geronimo Eclipse Plugin from within the IDE (by  
> clicking
> > on the "Don't see your server listed?" or by creating a new  
> remote site
> > in the update manager) is too slow.
> >
> > It would save a lot of time if I can simply download a zip of  
> Geronimo
> > Eclipse Plug-in say from
> > (similar to the  
> way I
> > can download zips of most Eclipse Plug-ins from
> > <>).
> >

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