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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject replacing geronimo's servlet, jsp, and el specs
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 15:16:38 GMT
Geronimo's servlet 2.5, jsp 2.1, and EL 1.0 specs were copied from  
tomcat6.   This was done because geronimo needed them for JEE5 but  
the tomcat team had not made those spec jars available in a maven  
repo.   See discussion at

Since that time there have been some concerns raised on dev@tomcat  
about ASF maintaining multiple copies of these specs, and at least  
one geronimo has expressed frustration about drift between the two  

Now thanks to Filip Hanik's efforts tomcat's JEE api jars are now  
available at the maven central repo.   If I verify that that these  
don't break TCK then are there any concerns with using them in  
geronimo 2.0 and deleting geronimo's copy of these specs from SVN?

Best wishes,

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