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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Restructuring trunk (LONG)
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 20:12:12 GMT
On Apr 10, 2007, at 7:08 AM, Donald Woods wrote:
>> What repositories?  Most of these artifacts live in central... and  
>> according to Jason Van Zyl, artifacts in central are never  
>> removed.  And he isn't so found of adding extra magical repository  
>> bits to subvert the system.
>> I was looking at making a magical proxy wagon impl to handle  
>> this... though after talking to Jason more I've pushed off that  
>> work, not to mention that with the current m2 wagon bits, we can't  
>> inject custom handlers for http/https easily, we would have to use  
>> a new magical proxy protocol (only to tell the wagon system which  
>> provider to pick up), and then we'd have to define a new proxy://  
>> repo as central and then add some magical rewriting of dependency  
>> poms to strip out any repo muck they have... all too complicated IMO.
>> So for now I'm deferring that work, and for now will try to depend  
>> on central having artifacts that never get lost (which I still  
>> have very mixed feelings about).
> Have you looked at the Maven Proxy project?
> We're using it for internal builds of Geronimo and it works nicely  
> for everything except SNAPSHOTS, which you either have to configure  
> it to always or never look for new artifacts, which is not a  
> dynamic configuration setting.  Other that that, its great, because  
> it lets me create a settings.xml for m2 that says its a mirrorOf *  
> and then I can configure the proxy (which is just a servlet I have  
> running in Tomcat 5.5) to specify exactly which order of local  
> rsync mirrors (either available thru HTTP or local file:// access)  
> and remote/live repos to search for artifacts.

Yes, I have used Maven Proxy before, as well as DSMP and Proximity.

But this is not an "internal build" problem, its a problem that  
*everyone* *anywhere* who tries to build Geronimo has.... we can not  
make them all use a specific proxy server configuration.  Not like we  
have the resources to host that proxy server either.

Anyways, this email thread is not intended to have muck to do with  
proxies or repos, so lets not let it digress please.  I've written up  
a lot of other emails on this repository issue if you would like to  
comment on those threads :-)


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