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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Help needed with
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 13:17:35 GMT
So, we have 2 directories that need to be created for every instance -
The easiest way to keep users (who will have less working knowledge of Geronimo 
than us developers) from screwing up their server when trying to use multiple 
instances, is to put both of those directories under another "instance" 
directory, including the base template files.

Can't we just reorganize the existing layout to be a simpler -
where <instances> could be a word we all vote on, like "instances" or "servers".

That way, we always have a "default" server configured and available for users 
and the geronimo-maven-plugin to use...

Do we need to include the /bin directory in there too, given the geronimo script 
has JVM options in it and may need to be customized for different instances???

I could also go along with leaving out the <instances> directory, as long as we 
agreed on placing the "template" files and the "default" instance in well named 
directories under GHOME....


Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
> --- Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>> I have to go back and see the directory layout your proposing.  I  
>> didn't see a specific proposal in the JIRA 
>   Some information is here:
>> How about for purposes of this discussion:
>> We organize servers by default as:
>  > $G/var/servers/geronimo01/config
>>                                                     logs
>>                                                     tmp
>> and have
>> $G/var/config
>>                logs
>>                tmp
>> be a template that can be copied into new servers.  This way users  
>> could easily customize their default.
> Some Background info:
>    Currently the following dir/files are used to run an instance:
> deploy
> var - 
>     activemq
>     catalina
>     config
>     derby
>     log
>     security
>     shared
>     temp
>     txlog
>    I like hot deploy directory being outside of the 'var'. All these
> directories go under G/foo for an instance named foo. The 'var' created
> by build has:
> var 
>    config
>    log
>    security
>    temp
>> If the tree doesn't exist we fail with a message like: "Server  
>> instance 'geronimo03' has not been initialized.  Please run the  
>> script to create a new instance." 
>    The issue here is do we make a copy (for running default instance)
> during build or ask our _developers_ to get used to this message and
> using IIUC, you are saying that create the template
> and the default instance during build. And provide a script for
> creating additional instances.
>> Sounds like we're almost there. 
>   yup..
> Thanks
> Anita
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