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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Why are we including native code in Geornimo (aka. JLine)
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 20:36:35 GMT
Is this not a disaster waiting to happen?  Do we really need to include 
this package just for usage by the following?

 From their website -
" JLine is not 100% pure Java. On Windows, it relies on a .dll file to 
initialize the terminal to be able to accept unbuffered input. However, 
no installation is necessary for this: when initialized, JLine will 
dynamically extract the DLL to a temporary directory and load it. For 
more details, see the documentation for the jline.WindowsTerminal class.

On UNIX systems (including Macintosh OS X), JLine will execute the stty 
command to initialize the terminal to allow unbuffered input. For more 
details, see the documentation for the jline.UnixTerminal class.

For both Windows and UNIX systems, JLine will fail to initialize if it 
is run inside a strict security manager that does not allow the loading 
of libraries, writing to the file system, or executing external 
programs. However, for most console applications, this is usually not 
the case. "


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Subject: Re: Running multiple instances of geronimo
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 15:43:27 -0700
From: Jason Dillon <>
References: <>

The extraction is handled automatically by the JLine library at
runtime and will extract to wherever is set to for the
invoking JVM.

What is the issue?  I don't understand what the problem is you are
trying to solve related to the jline.dll.  You should not have to do
anything at all related to this file.


On Apr 9, 2007, at 3:34 PM, Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:

>   Thanks Jason! The jline.dll was extracted to i1/var/temp and
> i2/var/temp for instances named i1 and i2. But the shutdown config
> expects it in var/temp. If the default server, i.e. the one using  
> 'var'
> is not started, the jline.dll is not extracted to var/temp. Could we
> extract it to var/temp even without starting the default server? When
> is the extraction done?
> Thanks
> Anita
> --- Jason Dillon <> wrote:
>> On Apr 9, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
>>> 3. The shutdown config is using var/temp/jline.dll. We should be
>> able
>>> to use a single copy of jline.dll. Where should jline.dll be put?
>> jline.dll is dynamically extracted from the jline-*.jar and it will
>> put it into whatever is used for for the executing
>> JVM.
>> So you shouldn't need to worry about where its put.
>> --jason
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