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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 2.0-M4 Binaries available (rc1)
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 18:11:52 GMT
  [X] +1 - Release these binaries

I downloaded all 4 assemblies, did some minimal poking around the admin 
console for the JEE5 assemblies, and deployed a simple web app with a 
single JSP on each.  There are some issues but I think this is good 
enough for another milestone release.

Here are the problems that I noticed:

- I received a ton of WARNing messages when I deployed a simple war. 
All the messages were complaining about not being able to read a jar 
file and it appears it was going thru each jar in our repository.  I'll 
open a JIRA for this problem.
- Terminating the server from the admin console resulted in some SQL 
exceptions because there was no longer a current connection.  I think 
this may be a know problem (sounds familiar) ... if not I'll open a JIRA 
for this one too.

- The deploy went fine with no WARNing messages.
- Terminating the server had the same SQLExceptions as with Jetty.

I also decided to try out the minimal assemblies although I'm not sure 
anybody would really be using those for this milestone given that we're 
trying to get more meaty JEE5 functions out.

- Deploying a simple war worked fine with no unexpected warning messages 
and I was able to access the web app.

- Deploying a simple JSP war resulted in an UnavailableException for 
org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet from the application classloader 
and failures attempting to start the GBean.  I'll open a JIRA for this 
issue.  I suspect that we're not including the correct jasper item in 
the classloader of the web app.  I think we can push this milestone out 
even with this error given that people can work with the jetty and the 
jee5 assembly until this issue is resolved in a subsequent milestone.


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I have placed the 2.0-M4 binaries out on 
> for you to take a look 
> at.  (They are uploading as I write this).
> I have done some testing with DayTrader.  There is an issue in 
> connecting with he MDB container which still needs to be worked out so 
> the application will not deploy as is.  However, given the scopwe of 
> function DayTrader covers as well as all the late code drops I don't see 
> an issue with that.  Smaller samples should be ok and tests look good.  
> Given that we're in the final stages of testing I'd like to get this 
> Milestone on the wire as is and fix issues in trunk.  Users that pull 
> this binary and report issues will help us in the Drive to 5.
> Other than that limitation I think this Milestone looks ready to go.
> After reviewing the content please cast your vote.
> [ ] +1 - Release these binaries
> [ ]   0
> [ ] -1 Do not release these binaries (provide reason)
> This vote will conclude on April 4th at 0600 Eastern.
> Thanks!

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