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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release openejb-2.3-incubating
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 00:10:46 GMT
Copying g list because the same problem is relevant to the g 1.2  

This is still using some artifacts which are only in snapshot  

  * xmlbeans-maven-plugin 2.0.1-20060627.031204-7
  * maven-deploy-plugin 2.3-20061210.174233-3
  * maven-gpg-plugin 1.0-alpha-2-20061214.035657-1

While the version does not have SNAPSHOT in it... don't let that  
trick you into thinking these are not SNAPSHOTS, because they are.   
While the release plugin will let you roll something out like this,  
use of these pinned snapshots will limit the build-ability of this  
tree in the future.

While there is no real guarantee that any artifact in any repo (snap  
or not) will really be around in the future (short or long term),  
there is a high possibility that artifacts in a snap repo will not be  
around for very long.  And even when using a pinned snapshot the fact  
still remains that the storage of that artifact is transient and will  
almost certainly not be available at some time in the future, which  
will cause this tree (and the G 1.2 tree) to be unbuildable w/o  
source changes.

The main problem here is the xmlbeans-maven-plugin  
2.0.1-20060627.031204-7, which affects the G 1.2 build as well.  The  
others are for release support and are in a profile which is not  
enabled by default.

  * * *

I mention this not to derail the release... because I really want  
this to get out so we can get G 1.2 out.  But we would really be in a  
much better position to support the ongoing build-ability of this  
tree if we did not have *any* artifacts which are required to build  
that are only available in a transient snapshot repository.

If its a pain to get a release release from the mojo folks working on  
the xmlbeans-maven-plugin, then we need to add these artifacts (and  
any snaps which it may be depending on, I didn't look), into a local  
repository that is checked into svn, just like G does (ie. http:// ).


On Apr 4, 2007, at 4:52 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> All,
> The release is cut and awaiting your vote!  All the files are  
> available in a staging area in my home dir on people.
>    itests-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
>    modules-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-axis-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-builder-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom) 
> {asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-corba-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-corba-builder-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom) 
> {asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-core-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-itests-core-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom) 
> {asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-pkgen-builder-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom) 
> {asc,md4,sha1}
>    openejb-yoko-2.3-incubating (jar,source,javadoc,pom){asc,md4,sha1}
> All jars contain DISCLAIMER, LICENSE, and NOTICE.  Each binary jar  
> is also accompanied by source, javadoc, pom and all are signed, md5- 
> ed, and secure-hashed.  Keys file available here:
> apache/openejb/KEYS
> Svn tag is here:
> Here's my +1!
> -dain

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