Cool - Question, what is meant by " Could use J2SE or J2ME" under the Client section? AFAIK, the JAX-WS client apis won't ever work on J2ME...

- Dan

On 2/20/07, Lin Sun <> wrote:
Hi there,

I have created a table for Geronimo web services support.   The page is
a child page of the Geronimo Java EE 5.0 report card page, but here is a
direct link anyway -
  Tried to break them down to JAX-WS 2.0, JAX-RPC 1.1, EJB and Client
and some of them may just mean test items or stuff we won't implement.
I invite you (Jarek, Dims, Lasantha, and others) to edit the page and
fill in the missing contents.

Thanks, Lin

Dan Diephouse
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