this is really cool and a huge improvement on what we had previously


On Mar 3, 2007, at 11:47 PM, David Jencks wrote:

Following Ted Kirby's idea of property substitution in config.xml files (GERONIMO-2735) I applied and modified his patch.  Jason Dillon had a jexl expression evaluator lying around so I replace the evaluation code in the patch with the jexl stuff, so now you can use expressions in your substitutions.

The substitutions are in a new file, default location var/config/  This is used to evaluate expressions in config.xml.  I implemented a small example in geronimo-jetty6-jee5 for the jetty connectors, using


You can override a value in the properties file with an environment variable or a system property.  Therefore, to start a server on a different set of jetty connector ports, you can say:

java -DportOffset=1 -jar bin/server.jar --long

If this generally seems like a good idea and no one has a better idea I'll go through the config.xmls and use substitutions more systematically in a few days.

One question I have is whether it's really a good idea to use environment variables for substitutions.  I really don't know and would appreciate more informed opinions.

Also, you can specify an alternate properties file on the command line with


Many thanks to ted for coming up with the original patch and pushing for it.

david jencks