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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Getting ready for G 1.2 release?
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 03:47:09 GMT
I think the yoko release is on the way if not out.

Jiras && my opinion:

GERONIMO-433  	 Tolerate non-Sun JREs
has anyone tried this? with yoko it ought to work

Patch Available  	 GERONIMO-2289  
generates wrong default-repository element
No idea

GERONIMO-2697  	 OpenEJB schemas missing in Geronimo 1.2 distribution
we should fix this.  Should be a 1 line change in some pom.

GERONIMO-2672  	 Improving the Deployment schema documentation - 
no idea

GERONIMO-2818  	 In-Place deployment does not interpret Manifest  
Class-Path entries correctly in JAR files
I'd guess this is easy if someone can figure out what's going wrong,  
would be good to fix

GERONIMO-2918  	 Have the ActiveMQ broker configured from an external  
configuration file by default
I'm not sure this is such a great idea, but I'm not sure.  Actually I  
wonder about making an amq config builder that can read these files  
natively (and also gbeans etc).  This is probably too much for 1.2.

GERONIMO-2927  	 Cannot rebuild Geronimo with external ActiveMQ XBean  
configuration because Spring Framework is missing
This seems pretty important.  I think this involves adding spring to  
the amq-broker config and hiding it in the amq config, a couple  
minutes + testing.

david jencks

On Mar 8, 2007, at 9:43 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> I think we should start wrapping up the SNAPSHOT deps we have in  
> 1.2 to prepare for a release.  These are the ones I am aware of:
>     openejb 2.3-incubating-SNAPSHOT
>     yoko 1.0-incubating-M2-SNAPSHOT
>     activemq 4.1-SNAPSHOT
> ActiveMQ is on its way to releasing 4.1.1, which should be  
> available soonish (maybe sometime next week?).
> When can we get non-SNAPSHOT artifacts from OpenEJB and Yoko?
>  * * *
> There are also a few SNAPSHOT artifacts configured in  the  
> testsuite/*:
>     maven-invoker-plugin 1.0-SNAPSHOT
>     maven-surefire-plugin 2.8-SNAPSHOT
> We don't even use the maven-invoker-plugin, so that can be  
> dropped.  And the maven-surefire-plugin is for TestNG support, and  
> there isn't much hope of getting that resolved any time soon.  But,  
> these don't need to be non-SNAPSHOT's for the release (would be  
> nice though) since this module is not included in the default build.
> I suppose we could include the maven-surefire-plugin 2.8-SNAPSHOT  
> (and its deps) in the repository module (using timestamp-build  
> versions).  But IMO its not a requirement or blocking issue for 1.2  
> releasability.
>  * * *
> There are also 8 unresolved JIRA's for 1.2:
> reset=true&mode=hide&sorter/order=DESC&sorter/ 
> field=priority&resolution=-1&pid=10220&fixfor=12310181
> Anyone know of any other issues which need to be wrapped up for  
> 1.2?  And/or if any of the above issues should be resolved/deferred  
> for another release?  If you have a moment, please take a peek.
> --jason

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