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From David Jencks <>
Subject Tomcat annotation processing work committed
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2007 14:51:55 GMT
In rev 522036 I committed the stuff I proposed for tomcat annotation  
processing.  There are probably new bugs and hopefully I didn't break  
the build... let me know

Injection/annotations ought to work in tomcat and jetty for servlets/ 
filters/listeners, tag library "tag objects", and jsf managed beans,  
all using the same basic architecture.

One area I haven't investigated yet is whether listeners and jsf  
stuff works properly on pre-servlet 2.5 web apps in tomcat.  The only  
way I've found to install the necessary stuff such as the myfaces  
context listener is to modify the web.xml and write it back out to a  
file so tomcat will read it in again.  However we are upgrading  
web.xml to the servlet 2.5 schema and this is totally incompatible  
with pluto 1.0.1 so to get the console to work I had to only write  
out the upgraded web.xml if we started with a servlet 2.5 dd.  I  
haven't found a satisfactory solution for this, although I suspect  
upgrading to pluto 1.1 would be a good first step.

david jencks

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