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From David Jencks <>
Subject I'm going to break "automatic" tomcat jsf support for a couple of days
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 02:50:51 GMT
I have the jetty-myfaces integration working with the object  
lifecycle contract we negotiated with the myfaces team, and I've  
straightened out the classloaders so that myfaces is included only if  
you in fact are using jsf.  I'm about to commit this work, but it  
will break the tomcat jsf integration a bit for a couple of days.   
The reason is that the current integration relies on myfaces being in  
the same classloader as tomcat, which is obviously not compatible  
with the idea of adding myfaces to the app classloader only if its  

You should be able to make a jsf app work by pretending it's not a  
jsf 1.2 app, i.e. including the myfaces ServletContextListener in  
your web.xml explicitly.

We don't really have any good tests but dependency injection into jsf  
managed beans should be working in jetty now (after my commit).

I'm going to look into dependency injection in tomcat next, and then  
hook up myfaces similarly, so this "outage" should be pretty short.

david jencks

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